Monday 29 July 2013

The BEST time to download a FREE ebook?

The last 3 days of the month and very beginning of the next month are for some reason a poor time for people to buy ebooks. Could that be because people are waiting to be paid at the end of the month and busy paying bills at the month start? If that's the case then the end of a month would be the best time to give away books.

So here's my contribution to help you out, Here's a free Top 20 ebook so you don't have to stop reading (If you read on an iWhatever try That's it at the bottom of this page.

There are loads of other free ebooks available - Here's the Amazon links to find them:

NOW is a GOOD time to get FREE ebooks.

Why would an author give away a book?

  • Book 1 in a series is often given away - the author hopes you will like it and go on to buy the rest of the series (That's my free series book 1 ebook below) 
  • New authors need to get their name out there. They hope you will talk about the book to your friends and maybe write a review?
  • Free books are by far the most popular on Internet. Each one downloaded raises the book's standing in the popularity lists and that makes it more visible, even when it isn't free.
Of course this all assumes people are struggling for money at the end of the month. That's not true for everyone. It may be that as well as giving away free books you should also offer your most expensive books. What do you think?

About the book: If someone told you that the Earth would be destroyed by collision with a rogue planetoid in the year 7141 you would not be very concerned. 'I'll be dead then - the people alive then can sort out the problem' you would think. Our children would think the same, and their children, and... so on. There would come a time though when those alive in the year 7000 would find it's too late to do anything about it.

Enter Sir Richard Triplet into the equation. He has a plan and he's started work on it already in secret. One of his key elements is to start research into greatly extending human lifespan. After all - if you were to become immortal would you feel that planetoid problem is a little more urgent?

Immortality Gene is the first book in a series. It's based on technology which is beginning to be available now. Book one of the 'A Vested Interest' series is free and covers the development of a virus which 'infects' everyone with immortality. Along the way it deals with corporate jealousy at the highest levels, greed, spite, vengeance, conspiracy, advanced technology, medicine, love and betrayal, and, of course, the very essence of life itself.

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