Friday 27 September 2019

Editing can be fun (especially if someone explains it for you)

Take a look at this text.
Now I'm pretty sure you will be able to spot a mistake. BUT did you spot all five of them? Have a go yourself but if you can't see them all scroll down for the answers.

  1. Technically you shouldn't start a sentence with a number. That 70 should be seventy. Of course this isn't always bad because starting a tweet or Facebook meme with a number gets you more attention.
  2. There's no proof of the accuracy of that number. If you are making such a statement then you really should provide some evidence that it's correct. Particularly so in any scientific document.
  3. Repetition - I've used '% percent'
  4. Repetition of the word 'the'. This is a common mistake where a word ending a line is repeated on the next line.
  5. I said there were five so shouldn't 'mistake' read mistakes'?

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