Tuesday 8 June 2021

Adding your book content


Starting Chapter 1

Before you start the text of your book you should add appropriate headers and footers. The header will contain the book title on odd pages and author name on even numbered pages. The footer will contain a page number. Chapter 1 of your book always starts on a right hand page.
1.      At the top of the Chapter 1 page (or first contents page if you have one) double click the header area. In the Navigation section of the Header & Footer toolbar make sure 'Link to Previous' is NOT selected. make sure ‘Different Odd & Even Pages’ IS checked then add the book title in capitals[1]. Center it.
2.     Double click the Footer area of the page (or click the Footer button on the toolbar.) Use the Page Number button to add a page number either centered or at the right. Format the page numbers so that they start at '1'. Then close the Header and Footer design ribbon.

Save your document at this point!

You now need to copy and paste the entire original book you wrote, minus any title page you used, into this new book document. Once you’ve done that, save it again.
If you look at your document, now that it’s got the book text in it, you’ll find that there is no page number on page 2.
3.      Double click where the page number should be to open the header and footer design view ribbon. This time make sure  'Link to Previous' IS selected. Insert a page number which you will find appears as ‘2’.
4.      In the header section of page 2 type in capitals the author name/s. Your book will now have headers and footers something like this:
You should now find that from your 'Chapter 1' the pages will be displayed on the correct side in 'Print Layout' view. If you Add the 'Print Preview Edit Mode' button to the Quick Access toolbar (22) you'll find on using it that all pages (in a two page view) are shown on the correct sides. Extra blank pages will be inserted to make sure the main title page and Chapter 1 pages are on the right hand side.
Following chapters should each start on a new page but usually it is not important that they should start on right hand pages. If you have a short book of less than 60,000 words though, you might like to insert a 'Section break (Odd Page)' rather than a standard 'Page Break' to force this.

[1] In general, it’s not a good idea to write in ALL CAPITALS (upper case). The words lose their shape and are more difficult to read. (Could that be why lawyers write the important bits of legal documents in capitals?) On Internet, it’s considered SHOUTING and bad manners. Book page headings seem to get away with it though.

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